Dry Cleaning is a process of cleaning in which chemical solvents are used rather than water. Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners offers effective cleaning methods that ensure your items are handled with extreme care and professionalism.


Would you like your shirt to be shining white?

Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can take care of that for you, with the perfect hand-finished touch, guaranteeing sparkling clean shirts.


We are highly skilled in working with a variety of materials and different types of stitching.

Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can literally repair anything in your wardrobe, including your bags and shoes.


Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners is committed to getting the job done to the best quality and in good time. With our rug cleaning service, you can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, and to make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Different colours or different textures require different approaches; our extensive experience with wash and fold assures the correct techniques and methods are used.


Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can clean any type of leather, fur, or suede, from real to synthetic. We provide dying, cleaning and restoring services to take care of these materials.

The aim is to increase the life of your garments. Cleaning twice a year, followed by conditioning and using protectants, will maintain their quality and increase their durability so that they last much longer.


Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners will make sure your dress shoes, boots, and high heels look their very best. You can now restore your favourite shoes, get that shine back or get your heels and soles repaired.

Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can care for all your shoes and boots needs, with polishing, replacing heels and soles, and any other requests you may have. This also applies to suede shoes.