Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is a process of cleaning in which chemical solvents are used rather than water. Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners offers effective cleaning methods that ensure your items are handled with extreme care and professionalism. Instead of only offering a fixed price plan like many laundry services on the market, Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners are aware that your laundry needs are unique. A plan will be created that is bespoke and tailored for you in terms of pickups and the price of each item.

Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners is among the top Dry Clean Services Stoke Newington offering services such as Bags and suitcase repair, Shirt Laundering Stoke Newington, RUG Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Wash and Fold Stoke Newington, Leather, fur & suede cleaning and Shoe repair and restore in Stoke Newington, in London and all other surrounding areas including services such as Tailoring and Professional Corporate Dry Cleaning Services in Stoke Newington, in London and all other surrounding areas.

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