Leather, Fur & Suede Cleaning

http://prepaid365awards.co.uk/blog/page/5/ Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can clean any type of material, from leather, fur, suede, or even from real or synthetic. We provide drying, cleaning, and restoring services to take care of these materials. The aim is to increase the life of your garments. Cleaning twice a year, followed by conditioning and using protectants, will maintain their quality and increase their durability so that they last much longer.

Ozzy’s dry cleaners is among the top Dry Clean Services Stoke Newington offering services such as Bags and suitcase repair, Shirt Laundering Stoke Newington, RUG Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Wash and fold Stoke Newington, Leather, fur & suede cleaning and Shoe repair and restore in Stoke Newington, in London and all other surrounding areas including services such as Tailoring and Professional Corporate Dry Cleaning Services in Stoke Newington, in London and all other surrounding areas.

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