Tailoring and Clothing Alterations

Tailoring and Alterations can transform a garment so that it is no longer just okay but fantastic. Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners fitters and tailors have a broad knowledge of a multitude of items that need to be altered or repaired. Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners alterations have more than 40 years of experience. You can rest assured that we will have your garments ready when you need them. We are highly skilled in working with a variety of materials and different types of stitching. Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners can literally repair anything in your wardrobe, including your bags and shoes.

Clothing Repairs Hackney

Ozzy’s Dry Cleaners is among the top Dry Clean Services Stoke Newington offering services such as Bags and Suitcase Repair, Shirt Laundering Stoke Newington, RUG Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Wash and fold Stoke Newington, Leather, fur & suede cleaning and Shoe Repair and Restore in Stoke Newington, in London and all other surrounding areas including services such as Tailoring and Professional Corporate Dry Cleaning Services in Hackney, Stoke Newington, Finsbury Park and all other surrounding areas of London.

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